Sunday, February 14, 2010

Commentary for the week...Might not shout Hallelujah may not even say AMEN..

Wall Street Online ArticleIt was funny this week I received several emails from different people talking about the same thing!!!  The Wall Street Journal article on clipping coupons and how it has made a "comeback".

Not like many of the people who maybe recently started clipping coupons due to loss of job, hours, or change in economic status didn't know that, but now it is isn't just on MAIN Street it is now on WALL Street.  This article is one you should read and take the time to "step up your game" not for me...because your saving in your home doesn't really do more in my is so you can save in your home so you can do more in the Kingdom.  Shop. Save. Share isn't a WORLD message, but a Kingdom message.  Many times this week I have told you that I don't want you to become a FAN of my page of me, but of the MESSAGE because that is so much more important to me.

Many of you have heard from your friends that they "have saved" like never before, they have said "I have been able to share more even on less income"  that kind of sounds like a tithing principle...hmmm.  Those same people keep saying to me, I can't convince them to start clipping, I can't convince them to come to a class, I just don't think I am making an IMPACT.  Like I teach in the class; The mission and purpose of CM is all about witnessing...and many times you know that if you witness to your friends and family it takes more than one, two, three times to bring them in to the keep up your good work and witness to them by showing them how much you are able to help in the Kingdom.  We did the DAVE Ramsey plan and nobody listened to us until they saw it was possible!!!  So it isn't ever too late!!!

So to the economic (world) side...this week here local in Rock Hill we had a School Board meeting and found out a lot of jobs will be cut and a lot of changes will come.  I have had a lot of RHSD employees in my classes and many of them have let me know how this class has changed their wallets...and they have been able to do more for their students.  None of us like to see jobs cut.  I was affected by the economy December 2007 and realize that job loss can and will be challenging.  I would encourage any RHSD employees attend a class...come as a group because even if you don't lose your job... you will know someone who is affected and maybe you can help their family.  Don't just think outside of the BOX, think outside of yourself!!

Other Blogs:  You can locate a COUPON BLOG probably a dime a dozen, but before you follow or FAN a page be sure they have the same foundational beliefs that you have.  "I am not ashamed of the Gospel".   In the past I have added links for you to follow from my page, but recently I have stopped because I have noticed and investigated different bloggers and don't seem to believe or teach the same as they do and I don't want to HOOK you up with those that don't agree with the same message (the Gospel of Christ).  If you have a great blog or link you want to share with me please simply inbox me and I will post the information and give credit to the person and or blog.

Now to the upcoming classes:  This week is busy and we are already booking classes for March...God is so good...classes require 50 and we encourage you to pull groups together so you can open your class to the public. The goal is to EDUCATE the masses!!  Classes have been held in fellowship halls and church sanctuaries, but we are open to other opportunities.

All Classes are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, but require RSVP for material purposes.
This week
Tuesday  February 16  Neely's Creek A.R.P. e-flyer
Thursday February 18  Friendship Church of God e-flyer
Saturday February 20   Highland Drive F.W.B.C. Lincolnton, NC e-flyer
Sunday   February 21  Charlotte Ave Church of Christ  e-flyer

March...calling all Greenville & surrounding areas step up to the plate and participate.
Saturday March 27  Changing your Minds Ministries, Taylors, SC
Tuesday  March 30  5Point Fellowship, Easley, SC e-flyer

If you need to RSVP to a class please RSVP on facebook under events on fan page or email

If you would like to schedule a class or book Travise for a speaking engagement, retreat or other event please email  Before you email Christine be sure and click here.

I want to do this...tell me how to start...TAKE A CLASS (if one is close to you).....then...
1. Log on to click the short video so you understand the mission.
2. Be sure and click the daily devotion (daily)
3. Set up a coupon email address. Click on the Coupon banners across the top and scroll through and click what you need or click on some to share with others who may not have access to the Internet.  The link that says Household coupons hint (fill in first page and then your address once you see "EVERSAVE CONFIRMED" you have completed the steps) you will begin receiving coupons in your inbox on a regular basis. I ask you to click on these links because for every click you can be assured that a portion of the click will be donated to a charity local/national. 
4. If you aren't already a fan of Coupon Mama please become a fan so you will keep up with great deals.
5. Scroll around the website and become familliar with how to find the savings at your store (your store isn't listed...inbox me and I will try to get the information online)
6. Get ready to shop. save. share.

Remember this is ministry and if you want to FORWARD something today this is the BLOG to forward to your friends and family.

Also last, but not least start watching out for Project:CCC.....

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