Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good gracious I have worked today...

I can't stress enough how important this magazine will be to your COUPONING days ahead!!

Good evening or morning depending on what time you are reading this. It is 10pm and this is way way late for me in my house, but I love ya'll so much that I wanted to get as close to complete as possible.

So today I have been tweaking the website to make it a little more user friendly. As I told you I try to take everything people say to me about the site and classes and look at them to see if indeed the idea will help educate more here goes.

Please please take time out in the morning to watch the short DEVOTION. The daily devotion can always be found on the blog and facebook, but I am going to try and keep a archive on click Daily Devotion. This will allow for you to catch up on missed times or listen to something that may have really pricked your heart and you need to hear it again.

Next when you are looking for coupons always click the top of the Home page where you see the Coupons, RedPlum,Gevalia, Upromise; when you click on these links they pay about a penny a click/print and 20% of that goes to in essence you are giving as you are clicking!!!

This blog is a little long, but just think it could be me talking and you tryint to take notes....on top of notes on top of notes...

In regards to finding the shopping lists (still updating), but if you look on the site in the bottom left corner you will see a list of the stores that we do the coupon matchups. Now if you would like to have another store added let me know and we will see what the interest is and we will add more stores as needed. These links will make it easy for you to simply print out a full shopping list and you can cross out what you don't want or need...and it will help you when you look at the crossed out items and it is free! then you can share it with someone else.

I have the Daily Blog on the lower right side of the page beside the SWAGBUCKS icon. Now this SWAGBUCKS is simple you sign up and instead of some of the most popular search engines you will use the swagbucks and you will be chosen radomly to receive SWAGBUCKS which can be spent online at their store. I say get your swag on and join and save the bucks till the end of the year.

As I remind you pretty often there are so many other sites on the web, but I appreciate you taking the time to actually visit Coupon Mama. Remember when you follow a blog, click on a blog or share a sure you know that they stand for the same thing you stand for...I stand up for CHRIST!!! Let me know your thoughts on the updates of the site! Jsut click comment and type you can even be anonymous.

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