Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I just made nice with a BIG dawg at Advance foods and learned...

I never knew this and maybe you did...hey I learn something every day.  So I was looking for some information for a FB friend in Oklahoma and ran across a lady who works for Advance foods and she told me this...her exact words:

I know that if you go to our website at http://www.fastfixin.com/ you can sign up to get 5 $1 off coupons, and for every 10 UPCs you mail in you get a free product coupon. If you save those you can also cut the Home Team logo off the package as well so your school or not for profit org can get $.30 for each logo.
That is major...that is more than the BOX Tops we save up.  Now I am not sure who or if anyone would want to take on the undertaking of FAST FIXIN' labels, but that is MAJOR and with school budgets being cut...PTO can always use more to help in the classrooms.

Thanks so much Rachel you have just blessed some folks here. 

Need to locate and see if this product is in yoru area click HERE

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