Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last night at Neely's Creek A.R.P.

I was excited to meet the folks (ladies & gents) who came out to the class last night...I hope everyone learned loads and had a great time.  It is a lot of information and I know you may feel like you are in serious OVERLOAD, but take baby steps and learn as you go.  Don't forget to pick up a Coupon Buddy.  As we talked about last night you will start out on a super high and then you will come back down to earth and feel like you have crashed-  Stop and say your prayer that is in your manual.

Coupon Mama isn't put out to have the most hits, the most posts or even the most fans.  CM is here to encourage you to be a better steward of the finances that God has entrusted to you.  CM is here so you can have your daily devotional time with God so you can sow a seed into a neighbor.  COUPON blogs are a dime a dozen, but I will be honest COUPON blogs that focus on Christ, focus on the same foundational principles aren't so easy to find.  CM is a ministry sowing seeds that we pray will flourish great things and save souls.  What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his SOUL....somebody better stop me before I start preaching. 

Today if you didn't do this last night:

1. Set up a COUPON EMAIL addess because you will start to get lots of SPAM.
2. Go to and sign up and click on the banners across the top for coupons, sign ups etc. When you see the Household Grocery coupons Banner (hint once you have filled in your email address you are done)
3. Look at your store policies and print those you need to keep in your binder.

Thanks for hosting the class Anne Williamson-

Keep God First and Shop. Save. Share-

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