Friday, February 5, 2010

CONFIRMED TODAY ONLY spend $25 get extra $5 RR so if you have to buy pepsi...Walgreens

Select Walgeens will have Diabetic events in store...ok that is good, but the best part is many of them will also be offering $5RR when you purchase $25 in items. Remember the $25 is based on your PRECOUPON total...get to $25 plus tax and then hand over coupons and you should get $5 RR plus any other RR you were looking to receive...I HAVE ONT CONFIRMED for my local Walgreen's if you have a CONFIRMATION please let me know!! It is raining and wet, but I will take one for the TEAM...Remember that usually also means you can receive a DIABETIC Monthly magazine that often times will have bunches of store coupons!!

NO NEW MAGAZINE in the store, but CONFIRMED the $5 off deal...


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