Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please listen when I tell you this....

Upromise.com Save for College

Now many of you still haven't gotten the hang of cutting or should I say still haven't been able to find that extra time in your day. Well I have told you to sign up for UPROMISE and some have, but most havent so let me see if I can give you an even better reason to do it... E-COUPONS

Here’s a list of participating stores. To load these coupons on your store bonus card:

1. Sign up for a Upromise.

2. Click on eCoupons in the left side bar. (YES ECOUPONS JUST LOAD ON YOUR CARD

3. Select the coupons you’re interested in using (or simply add all of them in case you find a great deal on a product you wouldn’t normally buy!).

4. Activate the coupons on your bonus card.

5. Begin saving!

6. YES you can also still use your manufacturer coupons with these!!!

7. So savings towards College & savings in the store and NO coupon to clip!!!

Click HERE to begin
Upromise.com Save for College

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