Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random posts Ash Wednesday and .88 cents Blue Bunny ice cream

Well if you have been following these posts for any amount of time you know that most of them are random, but it is Wednesday and as I run out to stores to locate deals to post, scramble on the Internet to locate deals and update the site (stil working on the blog updates)...just makes it RANDOM!!!!

Just left Food Lion and they were still posting tags so will give you a little information. One I saw that many should like is .88cent BLUE BUNNY ice cream.  If you go to you can print $1 off is the clincher you need to sign up and when it shows your printer you need to change the number of prints to how ever many you need.  Ice creams will last for a long time so put it in the back of the FREEZER will not last till summer, but remember sales go in cycles so it will go on sale again.  Check the EXPIRATION date and stash it for the next sale if you don't catch this one!!  Remember to put the overage in the cookie jar.

Remember you don't have to run out and get it right now....put it on your list.

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