Monday, February 8, 2010

Remember I said sign up for mobile coupons at TARGET??

I hope you listened because I am going out today to check on this deal for you:
Buy 2 Fusion Razors @ $6.99 = $13.99

Use 2 $4/1 q's from 2/7 P&G
Use the $2/1 moblie q (scan twice)
Pay $1.98
Receive a $5 Gift Card

I'm not too sure on how the mobile program works yet so I'm unsure if they will scan it 2 times. They should since you are buying 2 razors. If you didn't already sign up I don't know if you will still get the coupons for this week since I think they only send them out on sunday.

If you didn't go ahead and sign up to see what happens:
Go to click Target picture and click on the mobile phone on the Target page...I am going out later today to see if it works or not and will CONFIRM... if you beat me out there...let me know.

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