Monday, February 1, 2010

Target coupons...

So you had to take the sweet children with you to Target well here is a $.50cents off of a $1 purchase in the TARGET cafe...this could be great to BRIBE (yes I said BRIBE that sweet child into being a little less of a DISTRACTION)...maybe it works maybe it doesn't...if you don't have to take sweet Tommy to the store with you it can be your TREAT for sticking to the budget, list and staying off the cell phone while you are checking out with CANDICE!!!!
over $97.00 in savings and remember to check because TARGET has been known to trick you and some coupons are MANUFACTURER which of course you can't STACK so check to see if it says TARGET so you can STACK and if not take your MANUFACTURER coupon to the place that will allow you to use it with the TARGET logo that has the best price or that you will be doing your shopping this week.

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