Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is what I posted today on fbook...that you may have missed.

says you know it is WEDNESDAY so that is usually OVERLOAD be sure and scroll back through or hit the blog to get what you missed while you were working or out and about today. Most importantly hit the Daily Devotional for announcements and Psalm 100:4..Praise His name.  this link will make for some CHEAP items at the FL deli/bakery. Coupon says DELI, but I called and looks like Deli & Bakery are one V-Day cupcakes for school are 2/$5 minus $1 = 2/$4, pull aparts, bagels 2/$5, BOGO platter (24 bite sized sandwiches) $5.99 with coupon..any other scenarios

just heard...HT may be Super Doubling next week..

Lots of coupon updates...better check to be sure you haven't missed anything...CLICK HERE

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