Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday...last day..did you hear that Coupon Mama is going to.....

.....pay for your groceries?? 

Well you will want to listen to the link from New Life 91.9 where the announcement was made and you will want read all the rules.  I am going to be out and about and just walk up to a few folks and PAY for their groceries if they get CAUGHT doing the RIGHT thing!!!
The maximum I am going to pay is $50 and that is after I look through my coupons to see if we can save even more and if your bill is less than $50 the extra will go to the next person in line.  This is one time you will not care if we hold up the LINE...I promise.  If you have taken a class like over 300 people just in the local Rock Hill area have you know what I am going to be looking for and why:
To win you must have:
1. Shopping List
2. Coupons
3. No cell phone at Register
4. Pay with cash
5. One item to share
6. Reusable grocery bags
Listen to the announcement click http://www.couponmama.org/ click Free Grocery link!

Did a few runs this morning and saw this...

While I was out this morning I noticed Food Lion has restocked the BLUE BUNNY on Heckle and they have plenty of the .50cents Apple juice ready for you to pick up remember coupons expire today!!!!

Super BI-LO
I noticed at the Super Bilo on Cherry they had several tear pads for Kraft products around the store and they have plenty of the Tony's pizzas so you can get free pizzas if you still have the 50cent off coupon.


Anonymous said...

Is the Blue Bunny still around $1.88 at Food Lion?

Taka said...

PLEASE tell me these cash register adventures will be taped...I would love to see the look on someone's face when they see you coming!! Not to mention that sigh of relief from a $50 blessing!