Monday, March 8, 2010

CONFIRMED the Walgreen's deal

So i just left the Walgreens on Cherry Road and confirmed that yes both the Listerine deal worked and the Gillette.

Now just a note the Listerine is the small bottle of purple listerine and I would suggest you getting the VALUE pack of toothbrushes as they are the same price as the single so you get a two pack of toothbrushes instead of a single pack.

I only purchased one deal and there was plenty left keep in mind they will get another truck in and you can always get a rain if this isn't pay week or the week you budgeted for "DRUGSTORE" spending get a rain check and hold on till you have your spending week.

I was disappointed in the Dr. S. deals as the insoles are $10.99 in the store vs the $6.99 online price.  My hubby needed some for work so I had to buy them, but they do have a $2 off coupon on the package if you weren't able to print any off the computer that makes them $8.99 minus the $3 in-ad coupon makes them $5.99 so if you purchase two you will spend about $12 and get back $10 in decide if you need them or not.

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