Monday, March 1, 2010

Fruity pebbles..and a couple of other Food Lion deals to catch before they end on Tuesday

4 fruity pebbles 5.92 (They are B1G1 this week)
minus (1.00 off 2 Q) (2)
you pay out $3.92 then get a
coupon for -3.00 off your next order
so in essence .92 cents for four boxes of cereal. thing about this deal is that you can keep doing the same deal in different transactions with the $3 off coupon these coupons were in the 2/28 paper Smartsource section (looks like it was in the larger papers so will be regional deal) back of the Proactiv cleanser

Buy more cereal or use the $3 off the rest of your order or HOLD on to it for a better deal that may come up!!

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