Saturday, March 6, 2010

New book to be on lookout...

Walgreen's has a coloring book/activity book they put out every year...well sometimes more often, but it always has great coupons in it and it cost .99cents it is usually in the coloring book section.  When I find it I iwll post a picture of the cover so you can look out.  I usually purchase it with my Register Rewards or something.
These are the coupons in it.

Band-Aids $1 off
Children’s Be Kool $1 off
Comfort Scanner $1 off
Crayola $1 off
Flintstones Chewables $1 off
Gerber $1 off
Huggies Jumbo Pack $1 off
Johnson & Johnson $1 off
Kids Orajel $1 off
Maalox $1 off
Motrin $1 off
Nix $1 off
Pediasure NutriPals $1 off
Triaminic $1 off
Tylenol or Pediacare $1 off
Zooth $1 off
source: i heart wags

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