Monday, March 1, 2010

New coupons...have ink? Things to do today...

If you have been clipping for any amount of time you may or may not know that the beginning of the month is when coupons are RESTOCKED!!!  So you want to print them quickly.  Remember the tips I give you if you are out of ink can be found here.  Also share this page with friends and family so you are encouraging them to clip and save, but more importantly to SHARE with someone else.  Last, but not least remember everytime you click and print from a LINK on or here on the blog you are paying it forward because a percentage of every click goes to charity!

Print your coupons for coupons, including Pillsbury, General Mills, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Del Monte, Land O Lakes, Welch's, Kotex, and many more

 Kelloggs cereals, Newmans products, Domino's sugar and more.
Be sure to enter your zip code for the maximum number of free coupons

Click Here it is FREE to join!
Get over $50 worth of electronic coupons from Upromise from Huggies,
Bic razors, Charmin, Bounty and more.
No clipping required!  You just upload to your loyalty card!

I have been trying to get you to sign up for is free it is safe and it will help you help someone else this year...log on and learn more.  Sign up here

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