Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yes a GAS coupon!!!! Now shout Hallelujah for this!!

Thanks to my girl Serena over at Smart Shopping 2009 who got it from hip2save...whoever started this and got the word out...Thank you...

This is one that you will want to share with those Naysayers we talk about in class...those folks who say "there isn't ever a coupon for stuff I use"...well I think this might just make them a believer.  Only good until 3/16.

You don't have to become a FAN on facebook, but they give away gas looks like every month so I did just in case they decide to bless me with the next winning gasoline money!!


Anonymous said...

Can I combine this with my 3 cents off per gallon for using my gift card??


Travise said...

If this is one of the stores that allows for FUEL Perks I don't see why not. I hadn't even looked at the list to see if they were or not.