Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Morning...

So it is Sunday morning and that automatically means Church, dinner at Mama's house, tomorrow is Monday and hmmmm grocery store day.

So today I turned on the Television to see what the message was from Bishop Jakes (Bishop TD JAKES @ The Potters House) he is drilling wells in Africa with miles of pipe just to get water to a village...WOW isn't it wonderful what God can do with his partners. BUT GOD!

Then I listened to him talk about how debt. He said without finances you don't have options! That hit me hard because it is so true. Without finances you don't have options. If you don't have money you can not have the option of what to eat tonight, you eat what you already have (if you have something), if you have no money and you ride with someone somewhere you can not leave until they leave...just think for a minute without finances you have NO OPTIONS.

If you have no money and want to help your mama pay her light bill you have no can not help her. If you have no money and your friend needs gas money you can not help her. Do you want options? Are you willing to make the sacrifices needed to have the options?

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