Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday night...watching BRIDEZILLA'S

Oh My I am watching the Bridezilla's show on WE, I watch it pretty often, but tonight was just CRAZY. These folks are having serious KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES problems. This one girl is going to a Check Cashing place so she can get more money for her wedding! Get this she wants $1,000.00 and Praise the Lord she gets turned down! If you can not pay for it don't get it...that simple. What is that important or who is that important that you want to impress. These folks will be there for 30 minutes and then eat up your food at the reception and be gone...Concentrate on your marriage plan for your life together go get married at the court house!! If you can keep up with the Joneses in Cash fine, but be sure if you spend all that money on a wedding especially in this ECONOMY be sure that you don't go back to your mama's house with a car payment and get mad when she asks you to pay rent to sleep in the bedroom you grew up with that now you and your husband are sharing! C'mon

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