Monday, February 2, 2009

Let me make it CLEAR...Revelation....

Let me make it clear that this is not...I repeat.. this is not a message just for the BROKE, UNEMPLOYED and Disgusted. This is a message for anyone that wants to do Kingdom business.

The message of being out of debt and Leaving the Jones Alone is about KINGDOM business. I was talking to someone the other day that said well we don't really need to hear this message we aren't in the "pressure cooker", we have good jobs with security, we have money saved and just a few bills that we pay every month outside of our utilities, but "Thanks". Thanks, but no thanks.
First of all there is no JOB SECURITY. The only security we have right now and have always is in Christ. Money saved is great because you don't want to be caught off guard and "just a few bills" is relative this person may have $20K in bills and call it a few because the minimum payments are only $150 a month.
I want people to think about the BIGGER picture, the idea that without any bills you can do KINGDOM business. You can go on a mission trip, you can do more in your community, you can do God's work and not worry about being back from lunch on time. Money brings options, but Kingdom business brings Freedom, Peace & Joy. I was at Christ Deliverance Church on yesterday where the Pastor is A.T. Murdock & First Lady Demetria Murdock and he said something that made me write it down. Revelation is simply something that is revealed that has always been there! Just say it to yourself again. Revelation is simply something that is revealed that has always been there. WHOAAAAAAAAA.

This being out debt thing isn't new...people have been talking about it forever, you making a conscious decision to Leave the Jones Alone is something you have always known and didn't want to face the realities...because your FLESH took over. Hear me when I tell you...We know what it means to want a new car and just go buy it (on credit), We know what it means to want a house and buy it with no money down just because we could. Just dumb dumb dumb decisions we made without THINKING...without seeing if it was what God wanted us to do. We know now that if you Leave the Jones Alone and seek first the Kingdom...some things can and will happen.

Yes we have a mortgage, but before we got this mortgage we lined ourselves with the plan God had for our lives as we believed it!! We got rid of over $172K in 29 months, lived like you would never believe (DOWNNNNNNNN SIZEDDDDD) and then Tithe, Gave, Sowed, SAVED SAVED SAVED to purchase this home. You better know we are doing some things to "get er' down and paid off as soon as possible".

We weren't broke, unemployed, disgusted when we had the REVELATION...I was at home mom...husband had JOB SECURITY(LOL)...but we were sick and tired of being sick and tired when we took the message and ran with know this when I speak to you I am speaking from Experience not a book I read...Experience trumps book knowledge every time. I have experienced life...I am experiencing this ECONOMY right now. I have been out of work for 13 months, but because the God we serve in our house is a GOOD God all the time..our lifestyle hasn't changed BECAUSE we are being obedient to see him reveal his next REVELATION in our lives.

I can't motivate you...your situation has to motivate you!!!

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