Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 and just in Time

Wow...2008 is done and over with..and now we have 2009. Why is this just in time. Well it looks like no matter what channel you watch, what website you are on or however you get your news something is at the TOP about the ECONOMY. It is really such a time as this that you should be looking at your Finances and seeing if they line up with your Faith!!

The United States has aligned itself with Worldy Principles you know the ones that line up with greed, credit and living above your means...we see how that has worked out for the economy, layoffs, credit changes, foreclosures and RECESSION. So why not try the Biblical Principles you know tithe, bless others and live on less than you make...sound familiar?

So many people really think that is just a DREAM world or a Mythical idea, but it is as real as real can get. Think about your finances right now many of you have bills that are unnecessary. I know you have to have somewhere to live and honestly I don't knock people for getting a mortgage...a mortgage that is AFFORDABLE. Do I believe that someone can pay CASH for a home..yes I do. I know in the Bible it says we will have houses, land and all that so why not have it free of any debt? Exactly.
Do I think that debt is a SIN..nope, I know that the Bible says that taking a vow to pay back and not paying back is a sin, so that moves us to credit cards. "Oh I pay mine off every month"...great, but what if life happens and you have run the card up to the max waiting on that bonus on your job and you loose the job or the bonus doesn't come through? What then? Hmmm. If you can pay cash why not? "Because I can get vacation and sky miles"...and when was the last time you took the trip on the miles you earned?

Take a look for a moment... if you look at the three kitchen appliances below which one would you say that you are?

Pressure Cooker- living pay check to paycheck and about to explode?

Microwave- Have to have it right now...credit, credit, credit?

Crock Pot- I can wait and hold out and save for what I want...no hurry?

We need to get back to the CROCK POT generation like your mama and grand mama did...remember the cookie jar that was the emergency...not the credit card.

Signing off those are my two cents for the day!! Hope it was worth a little more to ya!

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