Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can you miss what you never had??? $300million?

So yesterday I went to the public Press Conference to support the Public School System and let Governor Sanford know we NEED the stimulus money to keep the our schools running. Interesting what it takes to get so many school supporters in one place. The numbers looked to be about 200 strong and I think would have been more had it been a little later in the day to allow for working people to attend. What went on? I heard people say impeach him, I heard people say call his office, I heard people who are genuinely concerned for the well being of my children and yours say we have to do something. I heard all of this support the cause, support the cause, but then I heard “be careful” we don’t want to do bring criticism from anyone “because someone suggested having the children write in”. Criticism should be the last thing we are worried about. We are at the bottom of the education pyramid nationwide and criticism may just bring some attention to the fact that this stimulus money doesn’t just affect adults, but it also affects “our future”. As usual it boils down to trying to be politically correct and you know what? Politically correct is what has us right here where we are. Sometimes you have to push the ticket. We write letters to the President in class, we learn about elections, we learn about the government process, but when given the opportunity to put it to work..We back down?
$300 million dollars seems like a lot of money. I know how much it looks like on paper, but can we really miss what we have never had? In most cases we can’t, but in this one I do believe we will. Because the budget was written last year with the $300million already included. Guess no one saw this recession coming and we counted our chickens before they hatched! Our Governor of this great state of South Carolina has made his decision and he seems to be sticking to it. His decision looks like it will: Take teachers out of the classroom, take away many of the special needs programs, decrease any special services provided to low income children and lots more…so much more that all the zeroes on the end of $300 million will not even tell the whole story.
This has moved well passed POLITICS because the stimulus money is there. This has moved way passed right & left wing because regardless the money has been printed and we have to pay it back. This has moved right into my children’s text books, right in our children’s faces and right into our pockets!
Should we be surprised that the Governor has rejected the funds that will fund our public schools? I don’t think so because it is obvious that he doesn’t have any Faith in the public school system, after all his children go to Private School and this money will not affect them one way or another.
Am I a fan of this stimulus money? Am I a fan of the United States bailing out everyone? None of that is relevant the only thing relevant is “How will our children be affected?” How many jobs will be lost? Because it is obvious none will be created? Will there be unemployment benefits to pay anyone who may lose a job?
The funny thing is the people across town are concerned about having free and reduced lunch children bussed into there schools and bringing down test scores, when they don’t know if there own child will be on free and reduced lunch this time next year.
So what now? Call the Governor’s office 803 734 2100 and tell him you want the money so that your children will have a better education. You want the money so if you don’t have a job you can receive unemployment benefits.

Travise Smith

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