Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Saturday COUPONING!!!

Today I spent my Register Rewards "Walgreens", "Wags" money at Food Lion and it worked.

Huh? To those of you that are new to the COUPONING thing let me explain. At Walgreens often times you will receive what they call Register Rewards from the cashier with your receipt, they range from about $2.50-$4.00, well I picked up a loaf of whole wheat bread at Food Lion and went in my wallet and found my register reward and said "Hey give it a try" I was at the self service, but the cashier(s) in my local FL know me by name "Crazy Coupon Clippin' Woman" and she just came over just to see if she was going to need to turn the key. I showed her the "register reward" and she said "you can't use that in here". I said sure I can it says Manufacturer didn't even had a negative balance of .52cents and I got it. Not so bad so now you know they really do work anywhere that accepts coupons. And if someone says it doesn't "Stand your ground".

money in Food Lion

Later this evening I took out my friend girl "AISHA" and she picked up some tips on COUPONING at Target...that was a lot of fun. Great deals...the 100 Calorie snack packs are on sale $1.75 and they have a coupon at for $1/1 and then I had a Internet Printed (IP) for $1/ to work that deal you will use two of the $1 coupons =$2 + one of the $1/2 (50cents) overage!! Lots more where that came from. Remember don't use your ink go to the kiosk at Target log on and scroll down to Grocery coupons and click. Print all you want!!! Oh one more thing, the Pringles coupon on Target works on the short stack of Pringles..19cents. No more left in Rock Hill, SC store I got them all on Wednesday and used my coupons that expired 4/30. New truck in tonight.

My name is Travise and I clip coupons.

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