Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TARGET...or bust??? click Best Deals...
Well here I go on my SOAP BOX. I am in discussion with Target and need your help...all you who use coupons. We all know what racial profiling is, but I think I am being COUPON PROFILED at my local Target!! No matter when I come in...I am being watched and my coupons are only accepted some days...oh wait let me say that right they are accepted, but I have to go over to the "guest relations" desk. I want to send out a special KUDOS to April & Amanada for keeping the DRAMA down...oh yeah you too Kurtis!! I don't have more because not everyone has on a nametag when I go to the local store...will keep you up to date.


Nikki said...

I have noticed the same thing with the RH store. I thought that it was just me because I don't always dress to impress when I'm doing a quick run through!!!

I did want to make you aware that they are doing 75% off clearance toys. They were marking down this morning. You may want to share this with you followers.

Travise said...

NIkki...I probably saw you in there..just made a run look at the outcome.