Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amanda wanted me to post this for her...

Hey there everyone!!!I just thought that I would show you what a GREAT, WONDERFUL, BLESSING day that I had at Target. I got 35 items for $3.19. My total BEFORE coupons was $167.18. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great deal. Travise, her son Camryn, and my two children~ Georgia & Keegan are my witness to this & we are Travise's.

I have attached pictures to show you so that you will have an idea of what $3.19 will get you at Target.
I am set for presents for my nieces, nephews, or whoever.
3~ 10count Playdoh
3~ scrabble slam cards
4~ spongebob squarepants cards
3~ different uno cards- toy story, winnie the pooh, & polly pocket
4~ monopoly deal cards
1~ mancala
2~ alien molder refill sets
3~ grand master puzzles
5~ different puzzles- duck,
2 winnie the poohs, transformers, spongbob squarepants
1~ super soaker water gun (that you use a water bottle with)
2~ kites- iron man & spiderman
2~ transformer super soaker water guns
2~ super soaker max-d 2000 water guns

Maybe I'll see ya there. LOL!!!!Talk to ya later, Amanda

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