Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boy my mama will be real PROUD of me!!

So the only one to show up this morning was Amanda and we made out pretty good I would say!!! Even the cashier felt the need to check with someone to be sure we could purchase what we got with our coupons...The guy who will remain nameless who can not stand coupons!!! Said if it didn't beep take it!!! It took everyone of them!!! I got over $150 dollars worth of toys (on sale) so who knows how much if not on sale for about $1 and some change...Pictures to come.


Jenny said...

Where did you go shopping at for your toys??

Anonymous said...

Where did you go and what coupons did you have? I still can't believe you got all that stuff last Friday for $2. I went to target and it must have been after you had left b/c I didn't see much of anything left. Tell me how the Partini game is b/c I have been wanting to buy one!! Thanks for all your encouragement and support with clipping coupons!!

Travise said...

TARGET...the coupons were on TARGET site, but now are on www.Afullcup.com if you aren't signed up just join it is free look to the left and click target coupons. They have HASBRO coupons for $5 off. I go straight to the CLEARANCE section and pick out toys. To keep DRAMA down I go to the guest services to ask them to simply check to be sure the coupon will work and not BEEP when I go through the regular line. If it beeps I put it to the side or back on the shelf. It takes a little while, but where do I have to be???