Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Glade DEAL at Target...

So you remember I told you to get all the BLINKIES you could get out for the Buy One Glade tin get a Free refill?? Remember I told you to do that!!!! Did anyone listen??? If you listened you will be super happy that you did.

I think it starts tomorrow: Purchase 5 of the Glade Holiday tins and get $5 Gift Card...if you are in Target pick up one of the Glade tins and scan it..Gift card will come up if that is the correct one!! Remember when you put your glade tin in the cart to look inside and hopefully you will receive your $1.50 off then you have $1.50 plus the blinkie to get free refill all in one if it is purchase 3 tins and get 3 refills free and get your $5 gift card..prices may vary from store to stroe..worse case is $2.99 best case is $2.50 a piece!!! I may go to Target this evening...but I doubt if you are out there scan one and let me know.

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