Friday, November 27, 2009

My late Thanksgiving BLOG for our STORES

Over the past few months several stores in the local area have become accustomed to "US COUPONERS with our BINDERS" and most of them have been AWESOME about accepting us just as we are and I wanted to send out a Thanks to them.

Food Lion on Heckle- Hey guys WE appreciate you and the time you take to accept our coupons yeah it is the job of your cashier, but we appreciate the attentiveness to our needs and the key people that sometimes have to over ride the coupon. The couponers that take my class are always taught to keep a smile, be kind, courteous and be prepared once we get to the front of the line as not to hold up the line any more than we have to. We are glad that FL knows that COUPONS are money and we like to support stores that support US.

Wal-Green's on Oakland over at Winthrop- Man ole Man...we can't say it enough, but Thanks to you and your staff. The management team is always prepared and keeps items well stocked and if the item isn't on the problem let me check the back for you. It always feels so good to have your COUPONS appreciated. Today they even took a picture to post of me with a few other couponers!!

Thanks so much to these two stores for always stepping up to the plate!!!

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