Friday, November 27, 2009


Hello those who have no idea what I am talking about let me explain. Most if not all stores have a Price Adjustment policy; that means that if the item you purchased goes on sale with in XX amount of days you can bring your receipt in and receive the difference back. So I purchased a $400 plus 32" tv on Monday and returned it on this morning (Black Friday) and received my $200 back....

So this morning Target & Walmart Price problems nothing. Just walked into Customer Service and gave them the receipt scanned and handed over the CASH...

So many people said they wouldn't, but there Corporate policy doesn't exclude Holiday sales etc.

Also went into Walgreens for what was to be a QUICK TRIP and picked up 6 Vaseline lotions, 14 Sodas(Ginger ale,Sunkist & 7up), 3 Aqua Fresh, 6 Red Barron Pizzas, 3 of the choc bars and I think that was it the total was about $40 and I paid $12....not as good as I could have been, but it made my BLACK FRIDAY spending total $12 and cash back total from price adjusting over $300!!! It was a very good day!!!

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