Tuesday, December 22, 2009

John Frieda....now I don't have wash & wear hair...but you might

Ya'll know I always tell you that I don't have the wash and wear hair, but many of you do have it and I understand that this product is pretty expensive, but a good product so here is the deal..

Go here and click on the Personal care check the John Frieda and of course any others you may need.

Now go here go to the last page or print them all (up to you) and you will see the John Frieda

Put both of these coupons together and you wil lhave $5.50 off one John Frieda product. I understand they are at about $6 right now.

Also if the Theraflu is still online in the coupons you will want to print the ones you need it makes the theraflu almost free this week stacked with the walgreen's coupon...I will get the code if you don't have it.

Just a reminder while you are on the coupon site I would suggest if you have ink that you print everything that you need before the new coupons come up and you miss out on the ones you actually need and will use...listen to me I know what I am talking about.

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