Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My super BILO trip on Cherry Road...

So today I was over at Office Depot and thought I would run into Super BILO to pick up my FREE Kleenex and some of the buy national get Southern Home free promotions. Anyway I go through the line and of course I pick Self Checkout....uh oh looks like they are suspending the order then the cashier scans your coupons..no problem...Only a problem for the folks that aren't using coupons the right way!!!! LOL Anyway so I went over gave her my coupons and she gave me my bag credits...scanned my coupons and a nice lady walks up and starts talking to me about my coupons...so you (if you know me) I asked her was she on facebook and yata yata yata...then she went on to talk a little more...well low and behold she is one of the managers at the Super BILO on Cherry Road and she was FANTABULOUS!!! I invited her to the class in January and I hope she will be able to make it....so a big big shout out to Mrs. Kerber!!!

Oh yeah I spent $11..but it was a little over $40...picked up 10 boxes of kleenex, 3 applesauce, 1 Tony's pizza and a pretty large piece of salmon for dinner.

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