Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NATROL ACAI...Money Walgreen's

Remember the sale doesn't end until Saturday and it is only Wednesday. I went to Oakland Walgreens and they only had one bottle so I tried is CONFIRMED

Natrol Acai is out in front of cosmetics stand on Celanese other stores will be in pharmacy ask the pharmacist is in a purple box or bottle.

Cost $4 marked $9.99 ask for price check so you are sure you have the right separate transactions if you plan to purchase multiples.

Coupons in some boxes that have $3 coupon in box also visit at the bottom is a link which is here (no print limit)

Pay $1 dollar plus tax and receive $4Register will want to keep up with your Register rewards as I posted the Walgreens ad for next week and we can get a lot of stuff with these $4 Q's.

Also while you are in there be sure and pick up a rain check for the Oil of Olay deal.

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