Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So when you go do the three day sale...FL on Heckle

Oh yeah...the cashiers will be asking you to purchase Queen Anne candy for the MILITARY it is $1.50 so please add it to your order to put a smile on the face of a soldier.

Be sure and click click the Store coupons and take a look at the Food Lion specific coupons remember you can STACK them...

I ran out in the RAIN for all you sweet people and this is what I found out for most of this is ALL store specific, but I went to OUR favorite HECKLE store....

Nabisco Ritz 2/$5 wyb 2
-$1 (use two) some stores will allow some will not

from $1 a box to $1.50 a box

Clementine Oranges $3.49
-$1Food Lion Q

pay $2.49 a bag

Dixie brown sugar in the baking packs $2.09
-$1.00 Food Lion Q
pay $1.09

Home 360 cups 50 ct $3.15 (Great for the Holidays)
-$1 Food Lion Q
pay $2.15

Bakery/Deli new Food Lion Q $1 off $2.99 or more
several items in the Bakery/Deli for that price

I would pick up some lunch meat as the Holidays approach little children will be home with us and need sandwiches.

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