Thursday, December 17, 2009 my ANNIVERSARY...

Happy Anniversary to my husband...we have 11 down and only have 65 years to go!!! So I am getting this in this morning while he is still sleeping and I haven't gotten the kids up yet, but I have to say Thank you God for a husband, thank you God for a God fearing man that loves the Lord first and me second. I have a husband that has been here with me through the thick and thin...of course I have done the same and everyday hasn't been ROSES!!! We have two children from this union and a host of other great things have come from the two of us being together. I have to say that the most important thing that has come from this UNION is our strong relationship with God "in all things give thanks". We like many have had our ups, our downs and even down downs if they can get that low, but through it all we have come together in the end and can say that Love may not conquer all, but God sure does!!

If you weren't in on the Baking I is working out and I will update you all on Friday once the third graders tell me just how good or bad they taste..we all know that children will tell you the truth. The gingerbread cookie mix that Betty Crocker makes is the kitchen smells like ginger and it was almost little to no mess. I may have to email Betty Crocker and see if I can't get all of you some samples of that stuff!!

Here are some BELK coupons take note that Belk does have a Price adjustment policy that isn't listed online so you may want to ask your cashier to pick up that nice little white phone at the register and ask them to get the specifics on it. Price Adjustment policies save me lots and lots of money, time and drama on Black Friday at many other stores.


Thanks Dede Bowman-Johnston friends and family is back this weekend at Shoe Carnival. Come to the Rock Hill, Matthews, Monroe, Gastonia, or Charlotte store and mention this to receive 30% off the sale price of each pair of shoes you purchase. It's a better deal than their BOGO and great timing .....right before Christmas!!!

$129 gift for $39 order online and pick up at store or go to the store check for availability online.
Tina Poole Davis Need a hubby gift? I just got this for $39: in Rock Hill, SC (York was out already). It's regularly $129 and that's what the tag was still reading but it rang up correctly!
Get a FREE download of four songs from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Just use the code RK4F3TM. (Thanks Deal Seeking Mom)

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