Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KLEENEX DEAL(update)....and updates from FBook

Update from Tina: If you do the Kleenex deal at the York BILO they have them on clearance at $1.24 for the multi pack...and remember these are great to donate to your church or school or daycare...a couple of posts back...remember b1g1 plus b1g1 = both free!!!

Stack with Target Command Coupon for even better savings

Coupon Mama I think I told you about this before, but wanted to let you know again; if you log on and sign up on this site you win "swag bucks" just for using the search to sing up free to use I am saving up for a good gift FREE

Search With and Redeem Exclusive Prizes at the Swag Store, Just by searching the web.

Coupon Mama While I was in FL on Heckle I did a list of the CLOSEOUTS by aisle...will post a little later to the blog.

Coupon Mama SO just did the FL on Heckle run picked up M5 razor from last week with rain check they still have 9 left, 1 All, 2 Hefty plates & 1 hefty cups spent $3.90..I am so excited about the ALL detergent being only .99cents.

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