Sunday, December 6, 2009

Triaminic deal you will not want to miss...SS today

Now I didn't see this in the Rock Hill Herald, but it was in the Observer...or any of the larger city goes sit down and right it down word for word.

Walgreens has the Triaminic 2/$10 and receive $5 register rewards (cash to those of us who know how to use it)

Cut out your $3 off one Triaminic product
Cut out another $3 off one Triaminic product
gives you $6 in coupon money...cause Coupons are MONEY!!!

Now look in the Healthy Savings with the black family on it from about a month ago it also says $30 in savings inside. (don't have it....wait one minute)

You will locate a $2 off Triaminic product (doubles if you have two products)
Don't start crying in your Dr. pepper if you don't have that book simply smile real nice at Candice the Cashier (LOL if you took the class) and tell her that you don't have th ebook but would like for her to try this code as it should work just like the coupon.

CODE 5556

If she does and you keep smiling just right you will have a total of 70cents and you will receive $5 back in RR!!!! Do separate transactions!!!

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