Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BILO....accepts Comp Coupons.

Guess what I just found out??? BILO takes competitor coupons..not confirmed but called corporate and will be updating the manual to state this information. Customer Service is open 24 hours and here is the number if you want to confirm. I talked to MARCUS.. 1 800 862 9293. For example: $5 off $25 at RiteAid...they... take or $5 off your next order Food Lion they take.


Anonymous said...

would that mean you can use the food lion store coupons there and they will double them

Travise said...

I am not sure still learning all the ins and outs to this one...call the 1-800 number with any questions until we learn all the answers together!!! I am excited about this one.

Anonymous said...

If it is anythink like Harris Teeter's policy, they accept $money off the entire purchase not individual coupons.