Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook updates.....for those who don't have FB.

My REDPLUM that comes in the mail with all the JUNK mail had Vaseline lotion and Dove for men coupons in it STORE SPECIFIC to Food Lion...don't throw it out.

Coupon Mama friends tell you they want to do what you are doing..friends say they want to save, but it just seems to be too hard...too much time!! You can not motivate them..People have to be motivated by their own situations...you can only INSPIRE them...remember spending is always easier than saving.

Coupon Mama Taka Sandersanything good at Lowes this week? What about Bloom Wayne Craig?

RemoveCoupon Mama Updated FL coupons more on www.CouponMama.org click Store Q's http://couponmama.org/FLIP_x2_2010.pdf beef,pizza,pickles,post cereal

Coupon Mama says you will want to RSVP for class on Thursday at Grace Lutheran sponsored by Pbwa Board as soon as possible; RSVP@CouponMama.org Not only will this be great for COUPONERS, but will also be a great networking event check out the Pbwa Board

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