Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday...non coupon related....all God.

Good morning God- I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for letting me wake up this morning. I think in THE BIBLE says something about waking up before the rest of your family (Proverbs) I say thank you. I am glad I made it into 2010 another DECADE, are just so good to me. I know so many times I have not even been worthy of waking up, worthy of even having a family to take care of, but GOD.

So many times I whine, complain and just can't figure out what I REALLY WANT, but you seem to figure it all out for me. God I thank you for building COUPON MAMA justas you have done. Building it to be a ministry that helps other people help other people to help other people.

You made me loud, you gave me this big personality, you did and do everything in me that is done. I ask you to help me to direct all these into the right direction so it will have a POSITIVE outcome. God I just want to say Thank you this morning.

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