Monday, January 4, 2010


No time for discussion only production. If you have RESOLVED to cut coupons..make it a DECISION and not a RESOLUTION seems like we stick to decisions (deal makers) not resolutions (?). So if you decide that you want to Shop. Save. Share be sure you DO IT!!! Let me know how I can help and be sure to come to a class, host a class or pay for someone else to take the class(pay it forward). 2010 is a new DECADE that will be filled with good, bad, worse and even better, but with God you can make it. I am going to make the BLOG, FBOOK & Site(s) as user friendly as I can and am working on it daily. Know that I am praying for you daily and my prayer is that your clipping will make a change that will change your family and someone elses at the same time. Remember to because they aren't clipping coupons.

Shop. Save. Share.....attend a class or host a class because I can promise you that following the blog, facebook and the people in front of you will not teach you how to do it 100% it will just give you the basics...

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