Monday, February 22, 2010

...any Diabetics or know any Diabetics..share this with them

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Many times if you come to classes you will see me with Glucose meters that I have received FREE or just tax at Walgreen's or CVS.  With the economy the way it is so many people don't have any type of insurance and need to keep a check on their sugar levels.  I usually get mine at the drug store and donate to the pantries and other locations that may have someone who doesn't have insurance some people have benefits and would just like to have an extra meter to keep with them or whatever.  So I found this link and want you to share it with a friend or family member who may need a meter.  From what I understand if you "qualify" from the questions you will receive coupons/meters in the mail.  no guarantees, but a few minutes of your time will let you know... Be sure to set up a SPAM email for all your coupons/surveys so you aren't over whelmed.  I think you will have a location for email, meiling and then some quick "qualifying" questions.  Let me know if you get a meter or what happens.

Then this is a good Diabetes recipe book.  On this one you just need to submit your email address and then you are good to survey needs to be filled out to receive the recipes.... click on the banner.

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