Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Daily Devotion...

The AVATAR & VIDEO isn't working well this Daily Devotion will be late today..sorry, but many of you haven't seen some of the old ones so log in to and look for CouponMamainSC.  Today to do note:

Marla Jo Deitz Lowman couponers: if u still have any tony's pizza or fruit2o coupons, be sure to go by Bi-LO before Tuesday. the coupon will make them totally FREE! I got 2 pizzas & 10 bottles of flavored water FREE! who doesn't like free?

Food Lion should get the Apple Juice in coupon expires 2/ don't forget to use it.  Remember makes the FL brand 50cents, also pick up the 10 pack HI-C makes it $1...yes juice boxes for $1, and of course the Blue Bunny ice cream will be .88 cents so get your FOOD LION always if you are local to Rock Hill take some extra time and go to the DRAMA FREE COUPON FRIENDLY store on Heckle and be nice to Candice. All those coupons can be found at click the Food Lion logo and print print print.
Remember to Shop. Save. Share.
Just a note to anyone with a business if you would like to provide giveaways at classes to increase your advertising efforts at no cost to your business please be in touch via email .

Greenville & Easley get ready get ready get ready!!!!  You wanted it and Coupon Mama is coming to town March 27 & March 30.

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