Saturday, February 27, 2010

Been working on updating the BLOG..

So for the past three weeks I have been working on trying to update the BLOG..make it more user friendly and most of all CUTE, but I had four classes last week and was a little busy...for some reason I have noticed that BLOGS seem to be I came up with what you see (LeeLou Blogs).  I hope to have some extra time this week to tweak and update!!!

Now I am still working on it and need you to tell me what you want me to put on the BLOG so it is more "to everyones" liking.  LOL

Also I am still looking to purchase someones GROCERIES but can't seem to find anyone!!! 

I am now a weekly addition to the New Life 91.9 station so listen in on Tuesday mornings with Eric & Erica.

Thanks for logging on to see what Coupon Mama has to say and most of all thanks for following the message and not worrying about the messenger!!!

Just to let you know we are scheduling for April classes and have a few days left in the month. 

March we are keeping as open as possible so we can plan for the Clipping Coupons in the Community project.  Of course March 27th we will be in Taylors, SC (outside of Greenville) and then March 30th we will be in Easley.  Be sure and email me if you would like to be a part of this mission.  You can click here to learn more about the mission.

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