Sunday, February 7, 2010

I knew I had left something out of the $30 budget....a DEAL for you!!

I was looking in the kitchen this morning and said...hmmm where is my PAM spray (no I wan't going to cook breakfast or anything...just know I didn't see it) and said to Camryn I think we left some groceries in the car..and low and behold we did. 

1 Big bag of Lays BBQ
1 Big bag of Sour Cream & Onion
2 cans of Pam cooking spray
5 cans of biscuits

total $.67cents or so...

Now if you listened and picked up one or two of the Reinventing Beauty magazines you have $1 off Lays product printed with CVS label, but Manufacturer coupon...yes that is right you can use it anywhere.  Now I used it at Food Lion and picked up two bags of the BOGO Lays chips they cost $3.99 minus the $2 in coupons = $1.99.

The Pam cooking spray is on sale 2/$5 and I used the $2.50/2 FL store coupon found here total $2.50 also had one .35cent off coupon for the PAM (stacked at my favorite Heckle Food Lion)  Thanks to  Lori..Ashton..Jeremiah..Passionate...

HERE is the Coupon Kicker...I picked up 5 cans of Pilsbury biscuits and used coupons and paid .57 cents for them all then got back $4 off your next order to pay for my chips and pam..

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