Saturday, February 6, 2010

My $30 budget for the day...

So today it was my intent to get some good deals, but then I thought well everyone has those deals let me look for something a little different while in SUPER BILO on Cherry Road...right here in Rock was so crowded...all these people shopping for the SUPER BOWL with their SUPER BUDGETS...Honey I was crazy looking at all those buggies (shopping carts) with all those groceries and NO anyway here is the list of what I actually picked up today.
2 Chi-Chi

3 Big ketchups
3 Tobasco sauces
1 6pk Mountain Dew
3 boxes of boil in bag success rice
1 box Ritz crackers
2 Peter Pan peanut butter
1 Rotel
4 Kraft shred cheese
1 box pretzel
1 box mozerella sticks
2 Digiorno pizzas
2 loaves of Sara Lee Bread
1 Chinet comfort cups
4 Sour cream
2 Totino pizzas
1 Breyer ice cream
4 packs of Springer Mountain chicken
15 cans of Grand biscuits
8 Pilsbury pie crusts

So why so many pilsbury products...because if you purchase 4 you receive $2 catalina coupon and if you purchase 5 you receive $4 catalina coupon...and the Pilsbury pie crusts were on sale 2/$6 and each one had the red tags for .50cents off (4) on each...yes 4 and of course I had a manufacturer coupon for the pies so they were FREE and made $8.  I did each of the Pilsbury deals in separate transactions so I could use the CATALINA coupons towards my grocery totals!!!  That was so not planned, but if you are at the SUPER BILO on Cherry Road look in the biscuit section and see if they still have more because there were plenty left...I only had a few coupons to use!! LOL...

This deal could have been better....but it was so crowded!!


Another deal I found while I was out is if you have the Glade $1.50 coupon for the plug ins they will be free at Food Lion they are .99cents and FL allows for your overage to go towards other groceries so be sure and purchase something worth 50cents so Kelly "class you know who she is" doesn't have to come over!!!
I was unable to pick up any at my regular Food Lion so I picked up a rain check....Yolanda & Stacy had beat me to them.

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