Thursday, February 11, 2010

This may be a very good deal at couponers...

Now I am not the ORGANIC or VEGETARIAN person, but my mama is so I think this may work out for ya'll.

1. Print off the Free Rotisserie chicken with $10 purchase and pick up dinner (shouldn't take long to spend $10 at EarthFare)
2. Print off the FREE MINI BRIE with any purchase (below)
3.Print off the Free organic truffles with any purchase here
4. Print off the $1 off Lobster Tail on the same page as the organic truffles with floral purchase
5. Print off the save an extra $3lb. on Piedmontese tenderloin Filet.
Or if you just want the FREE with any purchase items (brie & truffles) pick up some gum and be done with it!
So seems like to me I would pick up flowers (probably close to $10), truffles, mini brie, and a rotiesserie and be over my $10. If you want the Lobster tail and tenderloin it would cost you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Coupon Mama! I am not vegetarian or vegan, but hubby & I have been eating organic since 11/08 and feel wonderful. Yup couponing even works in Earth Fare & these types of stores. Thank you again, you are a blessing!Charlene Hracs