Thursday, February 11, 2010

WOOO HOO $1 10pack HI-C juice boxes!! and 50cent Apple Juice

You know me...I say support stores that support couponers.  If you have time or live near the one on Heckle pop in and tell them hello and pick up some great deals.  It doesn't take much to make a couponing mama excited.  With V-Day parties tomorrow cupcakes, drinks, cookies and more it just can't get any I am sharing the love!!!! get it V-day love!! 

HI-C juice boxes (10pack) are on sale for $2 well this little $1 off coupons makes them $1.  (Thanks A FullCup)

Might as well pick up some FL apple juice with the coupon it will be .50cents

Be sure and click here for more FL deals before you run out the door. click the Food Lion logo.
Two day sale here I come....that is tomorrow right!!!???

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