Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gonna be nice don't cook..make sandwiches and clip some pictures of the fam.

Stopped in at Food Lion yesterday and noticed they had $2 off Deli meat or Cheese 1/2 ob or more.  The coupon is on the Sara Lee Heart Healthy bread- no cholestrol and some other good stuff oh yeah it is bakery style buns so nice and soft.  So I did the math If you buy 1/2 lb of Gwantley (cheapest meat) the meat will be free and you pay for the buns $2.99.  So Deli meat and buns for $2.99 or if you have a Sara Lee coupon you can use the bread coupon on the bread and then use the meat coupon on the meat/cheese for a better deal. 

So even though it isn't SPRING yet it is supposed to be beautiful today so I would click some pictures and just in case you can't get 50 pictures out of the SPRINT...pull out some of the SNOW pictures and mix and match them for a beautiful collage.

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