Friday, March 5, 2010

Almost free crackers.. crackers, Cheap Soup and coupons!!! UPDATE

Amanda is over at Food Lion on Heckle right now (8:02am) and has found the following deals: 

1. End cap front side behind chek out registers aisle 6 you will see coupons for free saltine crackers (love them) they say buy 1 can of soup and get crackers free!! Well low and behold crackers are bogo free this week so you can buy any soup (cheapest is FL brand 90 cents) and get two boxes of saltine crackers.

2. Also she spotted the Kraft coupon book again and it has all those great coupons in it...scary thought the Dave Lyle store is selling them for $1 and this store is giving them away.  For every coupon you use in this book Kraft will donate 50 cents to Easter Seals.

3. Also the Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 sealed box is on sale $4.22 (not cheap), but has a coupon on the side for $2.50 off Nabisco not sure if that is a deal because we don't eat box mac and cheese-

4.  Still several of the FREE cakester coupons above the oreos.

UPDATE from Amanda: CORRECTION~the saltines r BOGO FREE ($1.40 each) use the $1 off saltines w/purchase of ANY soup $1.40 (crackers)+ $0.75 (FL tomato soup)= $2.15- $1.00=$1.15 on a box of crackers & a can of soup. cant bet that on a chilly & windy day like 2day. im so sorry 4 the misunderstanding about the qpon. i had a bad cell connection. so travise & i must not have heard during this part of the conversation. i do apologize 4 this.

Go get em'

I am telling you this again about the CVS pics  (free 50) because it will not last long and since it is supposed to be nice this weekend you may want to get some SPRING pics of the kids and print them up for great Easter gifts for grand parents, friends and family!!  Cheap is good, but FREE is better!!!

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