Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PAWS from BI-LO can help a hungry how.

Help pets in need within your community through the PAWS 'Feed the Love' pet food drive.

Buy a $5 PAWS™ ‘Feed the Love’ bag of pet food now through March 16th and we’ll donate it to your local food bank to help feed the pets of those already receiving assistance. Plus, you’ll save at the pump with this food drive when you get an additional 5¢ in fuelperks! bonus! Rewards for each bag purchased with your BONUSCARD®.*

Not yet familar with the fuelperks! program. Find out how you can roll back the price of gas per gallon at the pump with fuelperks! right now.

*fuelperks! Rewards program not available in Chattanooga area stores.


It's not uncommon for pet owners in need have to choose between feeding their families or their pets. With the much needed love and support pets provide these families, it’s a heart-breaking decision they have to make. And for these pets, the results are devastating.

Without their basic nutritional needs being met, they become unhealthy and are oftentimes abandoned due to these tough circumstances. When pets are abandoned it also directly impacts our communities. So we’re asking for your help to provide these families and their pets with the quality, nutritional food they need to continue supporting each other for years to come.

Pick up a dog or cat food bag at the special in store display or tell your cashier you’d like to help your community through ‘Feed the Love.’***
Each bag is pre-packaged with PAWS™ Premium, BI-LO’s own premium brand of quality, nutritional pet food at affordable prices. The bags will be collected in a donation bin at each store to be picked up and distributed by local food banks.

Find out more about PAWS™ Premium pet food and pick up some for your furry friend too. Then you can share the love with your pet while we pass the opportunity to save without sacrificing quality or nutrition on to you!
*Program ends 3/16/10.

**fuelperks! program not available in Chattanooga area stores. Reward issued only with purchase of bagged items or scan card. Non-bagged items &/or miscellaneous donation items are not eligible for reward. No monetary donations will be collected for this program.

*** Scan cards not available at checkout in Charleston area stores and instead are located on a special ‘Feed the Love’ sign in a designated area of the store.

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