Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Romans 13:7...got to give up the PROPS!!

Romans 13:7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

So Today was absolutely FANTABULOUS no...didn't save much money...yeah I did at the Pump when I used my fuel perks be sure and check out that video- You may get DIZZY as I am not as good a camera person as I am a COUPONER!!! LOL

Now I want to say thanks to my personal assistant over at Office Depot Debbie-  Now keep in mind I always thought she just treated me extra nice and took time to help me, but I see she treats all her customers this way!!  So when you need quick copy needs hit her over at Office Depot she is the bomb!!!!  Love ya Debbie-

Now the pink elephant in the room.  No one seemed to complain about this until they saw the new one...Yes my LOGO!!! Lauren a graphic design student up in OHIO has taken on the job of REVAMPING the LOGO and look of COUPON Mama... check out the new logo...GO LAUREN..GO LAUREN...

Let's see what else happened today...I dropped off the flyers and postcards over to BILO.  I am telling you if you want to learn how to save and coupon at BILO you need to come to this class March 25th and get ready to learn some things you never thought you would learn....and different ways to save money LEGALLY working with the system and not around the SYSTEM!!!

Oh yes and the Market Tote bags...I never knew so many folks would be interested in bags not these size anyway.  I have pictures up, but want to explain these are not just REUSABLE bags like you see in the grocery store or at TJMAXX these are like your couponing experience "They take it to another level".  I have seen these bags selling for as much as $30 (no embroidery) so you know I had to look into what exactly these bags do??? They are collapsible for easy storage and have aluminum frame..they are cute and not a fad at all...I know because when you look back PICNIC baskets go all the way back to the GARDEN of EDEN (LOLOLOLOL) so they have been around for a little while!!! Oh yeah and it looks a lot like the basket Little Red Riding Hood carried to her grandmother's house!

So anyway I think they should sell for $22.00 with the embroidery.  Does that seem high...well I figure if you save your cookie jar money you may be able to buy one...If not no stresses keep on keeping on!!

Here are the embroidery options.  On one side will be the new LOGO that Lauren made and on the other you can choose to have your name or Coupon Mama Protege (Tina Poole came up with this concept)  Here is the definition of protege'
–noun a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career or welfare.
Now I am not sure about color options...because while I was in the car line today doing kid pickup...I had about six colors folks wanted ... so may keep it SPRING for now and move forward from there!

Last, but surely not least DANIELLE you have shown up and showed out...I will be doing the big REVEAL on what she is doing probably on tomorrow!!! I am so stoked!!!

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Julie said...

Good for you!! I've never watched a video of someone pumping gas! I feel honored. ;) I shopped at Bi-Lo today for the first time and picked up my bonus card and a brochure to set up the gas reward thing. I'll look at it later.

Can't wait for the baskets!